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General Software

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Download Accelerator: Accelerate Your Internet!

Don’t waste your time! This software allows you to increase your download speed dramatically. You can double, triple and even quadruple your download speed! Don’t let a sudden disconnection ruin a long download!    (rating: 6)

The Internet shop of the digital and electronic goods

Bigs archive of programs, scripts, electronic books, patterns, pin codes, the grant, a photo. The partner program of 50 % from sale of the goods. At us the lowest prices on the Internet.    (rating: 2)

Quick and easy solution to use for recovering deleted files or lost files

Restore-My-Files is a perfect solution for recovery of any type of lost files be it due to any cause. It is advanced software for data recovery and it recovers anything, from deleted files to lost files. You can be as careless as you want, but make sure you have Restore-My-Files.    (rating: 2)

Anti-Spam Software - Take back contol of your Inbox

Take back control of your Inbox. Protect your Inbox with new anti-spam software that uses an innovative set of spam identifying rules to stop unsolicited emails from ever reaching your Inbox.    (rating: 1)

Advanced Registry Optimizer 2008

Is your computer moving too slowly? Do you receive strange messages about errors and want to stop this from happening again? Registry Optimizer will scan the Windows Registry for incorrect data and will fix it. By fixing these errors your computer will work better and will have a higher speed.    (rating: 1)

Spyware and Adware Remover 2008

Remove dangerous Adware and Spyware with SpywareRemovalHelp! Remove harmful Trojans, Dialers and Worms. Spyware&Adware Remover 2008 is the solution for all your adware and spyware problems.    (rating: 1)

Anyplace Control - PC remote control software for Windows computers, Secure File Transfer program for LAN and Internet

Anyplace Control is fast and secure Remote Control Software that enables you to work on a remote PC as if you were sitting in front of it. You can access the same computer from multiple places and use file transfer, remote shutdown, etc.    (rating: 1)

Freelancer site. Manufacturing and accommodation of any websites. Support and updating of web sites.

This site created, as a site, on which every person, whether it can be businessman, some company or simple person can order any web site till own desire and opportunities.    (rating: 1)

Method of Structure-Quality Analysis and Modeling of Formulas

There you can find method which can help you not to remember hudreds of formulas from phisic and mathematic, but undrstand how to generate it! Using of these method can help you to economy your time when you are studiing.    (rating: 1)
Altogether sites: 9
Now visible:: 1 - 10
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